Photomart is a family owned Photo Imaging Company established to meet your printing and framing needs. All products are custom made and manufactured on-site.


Our History

PhotoMart’s founder and owner Brent Rasmussen previously sold landscape photographic images through his own galleries. Having endured supply frustrations Brent saw the need for a reliable printing and framing company which offered premium service and products at an affordable price.



PhotoMart started as your quintessential home based business. Having low overheads allowed the company to invest heavily in the very best machinery.

“Our suppliers used to shake their heads in disbelief, they had never seen machinery like this in someone’s basement”

Our principles

Unlike our competitors, Photomart is not focussed on returning high profits, rather every effort is made to produce high quality products in an ethical manner. Even a tiny blemish will not be overlooked and Brent will not ‘chance it’ in the hope his customers do not see the fault.

As Brent has said many times,

“Sure you can get what we offer from other companies, but no-one else offers Service, Quality and Affordability under the one roof.”

“They can get one or two right, but not all three.”